I swam with Hawaiian sea turtles!

Hawaii is a beautiful place to live. I’d like to share with you the videos I made of a few of my adventures around the island. When my boyfriend visited, we decided to make a youtube channel of our adventures! So hope you’d subscribe and take a glimpse of both Hawaii & New York~

This video is at Turtle Beach in the north shore of Oahu, recorded on June 2, 2014.

Hawaii Five-0 Red Carpet Premiere


Yesterday (Sept. 13, 2014) I was able to attend the Hawaii Five-0 Red Carpet Premier Sunset on the Beach. The national premiere, TV, is on Sept. 26. But they premiered the episode here in Hawaii on Kuhio Beach at the Sunset on the Beach for all the fans of where the TV show is based to enjoy before everyone else. I arrived in Waikiki around 3pm and it was already crowded, especially the spots that are in front of the big screen. We grabbed lunch from the shrimp truck and then I stood by the railing near the red carpet with my sister.

I just wanted to experience “the Red Carpet” and see the stars of the show I actually watch lol. It really did feel weird seeing them in person rather than a television screen. The one person I was excited to see was Grace Park, who plays Kono Kalakaua on the show, because she’s my favorite on the show. The BAMF female 5-0, plus she’s gorgeous. Sadly I wasn’t able to even get a picture of her (phone died WOMP). But I stole an image from @photolulutv because she’s too pretty not to be shown on my blog lol! I was squeezed in between a teen who brought a shirt for them to sign, a couple of Aussie tourists, tourists from Cali (one of them a fan of the show, she knew everything about them lol), and a big lady who bought a $10 printed (low quality) picture of the H50 cast, but don’t worry it came with a sharpie LOL. I don’t even think she got it signed. I stood there for 2 hours seeing the stars come in one by one. I saw all of them but didn’t get to take a picture of all of them. It was hot and it was even hotter and nastier because of all the people around me sweating. But it’s an experience.

After an hour ish my sister went back to where my mom was and my little cousin found where I was and stood with me. Then 2 Aussie women flocked behind us as Alex O’Loughlin came by. My little cousin was freaking out and wanted a picture with him. He actually took the time to sign and engage with his fans but since we were at the end near the entrance, the people in charge rushed Alex so he didn’t get to take pictures with some of the fans. Then Aussie the ladies behind us goes “You’re welcome for giving you Americans that Aussie right there!!” I laughed. I’m pretty sure he heard that. I thought it was nice because he’s the main character, he should take time for his fans. Good job, Alex. Actually the only person who kinda zoomed through was Scott, the guy who plays Danno. Anyway, enough of my babbles here are pictures!

Rachel & I waiting at the rails!



Waiting for the cast at the entrance to the check in/end of red carpet. (They were late btw lol)


Telia Tuli–plays Kamekona, the shrimp truck guy with his family. He was great with his fans too.


Dennis Chun–plays Sgt. Duke Lukela, the sgt. in the HPD. He walked through the red carpet like he was the governor, or a political figure. He too was great with fans, obviously. SHAKAA BRAAA!


My little cousin, Cara and I waiting for more of them to arrive. You can tell by my reddish face that I’m flushed and hot.


Teilor Grubbs–plays Grace Williams, Danno’s daughter. She looks so mature and older! As she passed by all you can hear is “she’s so adorable!”


Mark Dacascos–plays Wo Fat, one of the villains in the show, he’s some Chinese operative for Communist China. He’s pretty mean in the show but so friendly and outgoing in person! I have a video of my little cousin shaking his hand haha. He was talking to the fans, laughing and joking with them. He’s clearly a people person. Oh and he’s the Iron Chef guy, “Today’s secret ingredient is….” LOL 

Alex O’Laughlin–plays good ol Steve McGarret leader of the 5-0. He’s a great guy talking to his fans, signing stuff and spending time with them. But he took too long that when he got to the end, they rushed him inside. This picture, photo cred to Cara, is him signing the last autograph before he had to get rushed in. I was kind of surprised at his accent, he hides it really well in the show.

Scott Caan–plays Daniel “Danno” Williams, co-leader or pretty much Steve’s right hand man. His chemistry with Alex on screen is great and he’s funny on screen. But he sort of zoomed through the fans but at least he took some pictures and signed some pictures/shirts. He was rockin a floral shirt and a fedora, awesome.
Jorge Garcia–plays Jerry Ortega, pretty much an informant for the 5-0, he did great in the Season Five premiere. He’s a funny guy and a friendly guy in person (as I observed).


Daniel Dae Kim–plays Chin Ho Kelly, one of the 5-0 team. He too took his time to get through the fans and have conversations, take pictures, sign stuff. And he even held the phone to take a selfie with us. 

Grace Park–plays Kono Kalakaua, one of the 5-0 team actually the only lady on the team. She’s gorgeous, tall, and so nice. She also took her time with the fans and got rushed in again. My phone died at this point so this picture is from @photolulutv on instagram! She’s my favorite character! And look at that dress, what a stunnaaa.


Well, that’s all I have for ya. Overall, it was interesting experience. I was not too fond of standing for so long and dying in the heat, I’m not a hardcore fan but I do love me some Hawaii Five-0. I’ve watched it since the first episode and watched it every Monday (then they changed to Fridays). Stay tuned on Sept. 26 to watch the premiere of Season 5! It’s really good.


God bless yall xo,