Japan for Free!

You must be thinking… WAIT FOR FREE?

Long story short, I was selected along with 22 other students out of 90+ applicants to go to Japan for free! This trip was sponsored by JICE (Japan International Corporation Center). This trip was mainly to strengthen ties between Japan and Hawaii. Hawaii Pacific University (my university during that time in November 2015) was selected to be one of the universities to join and experience Japan via their programs.

I HAD THE MOST AMAZING TIME! (I mean, free food too?! Of course I had an amazing time lol)

I’d love to share some photos with you!

Where we went:
– Akihabara
– Harajuku
– Shibuya
– Chiba
– Nagano (HOMESTAY)

These pictures are just a tiny glimpse of what we experienced! I really want to thank Ministry of Foreign Affairs and JICE for giving us this wonderful opportunity to experience Japan like this FOR FREE! I made wonderful connections with people and part of my heart is still there. So I’ll be going back soon~

IMG_3540 IMG_3573 IMG_3584 IMG_3612 IMG_3623 IMG_3637 IMG_3691 IMG_3707 IMG_3375 IMG_3192 IMG_3184 IMG_3741 IMG_3749 IMG_3748 IMG_3754 IMG_3656

I swam with Hawaiian sea turtles!

Hawaii is a beautiful place to live. I’d like to share with you the videos I made of a few of my adventures around the island. When my boyfriend visited, we decided to make a youtube channel of our adventures! So hope you’d subscribe and take a glimpse of both Hawaii & New York~

This video is at Turtle Beach in the north shore of Oahu, recorded on June 2, 2014.