Urbanspace Vanderbilt (NYC)

Urbanspace Vanderbilt
230 Park Ave, New York, NY 10169

I like to describe this place as the professional food market place. It’s an area where you can spend half an hour walking around just trying to decide what to get. It’s a place where food vendors that usually have their parent/bigger restaurant elsewhere get to share their food to a crowd of professionals around the area.

I was brought here by a friend whom also came to love this place because of its great variety of food! The prices are the average city prices you’ll find for lunch and even happy hour!

This place is right behind Grand Central Terminal and it’s across the Metlife building so it’s so easy for me to get to the train from here and to here!

Please go! I plan to bring all my friends and amaze them with the wonderful choices of food they have here! So if you live in NY or just visiting come by and bring your friends too! BUT make sure during the peak hours (lunch & happy hour/dinner) you SCAVENGE for seats. Hover if you need to.. just hover politely! Everyone I’ve encountered while hunting for a seat were nice enough to let us hover politely haha!

Step 1. Eye contact. Make sure they’re almost done eating and make eye contact.
Step 2. Smile. It’s always good to show you’re not a mean vulture.
Step 3. Look around with your eyes. Make sure you let them know they’re looking for a seat, maybe even tell your friend “nope, don’t see anything yet.”
Step 4. Move a little closer. With every bite they take move just a bit closer but not to where you’re all up in their space.
Step 5. At this point they’ll either probably say, “We’re leaving soon you can have this seat.” OR you have to step up and say, “Are you almost finished?” it’s better if you hold off on you saying anything but that’s the last resort.

VOILA. Now you know how to hover politely.

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